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Our story: The pitstop that turned into a postpartum mission

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Another day another baby shower

The goal was simple enough: Grab a handful of the same useful postpartum products for my pregnant friend that my own mom-guru Aviva had given to me before I had baby Remi. You know, the stuff that no one dares speak of. The stuff you really need.

So on an errand trip with mom and Remi I announced a pitstop at Shoppers, convinced it would be quick and straightforward.   

Almost an hour later I had sweat myself into a panic racing between the adult diaper aisle, the feminine hygiene aisle (what.the.hell.is.that), the snacks aisle, the family planning aisle… argh. Cue a text from my Mom in the car: Remi has been crying for 10 minutes. Great, I still hadn’t found half of the items that my friend needed for her postpartum awesomeness.

The pain point

In that split second between dumping my basket in the store and putting Remi on my boob in a public parking lot (again!?) I think to myself… there has to be a more accessible, practical way for future moms, current moms and fans of moms to find and share postpartum care products. A way that enables new moms and their loves to focus on family, rest and recovery from birth without the same kind of nightmare trips to the pharmacy like the one I was on. Maybe this alternative could take the form of a package which is beautiful, thoughtful and gets ‘real’ about postpartum bodies and minds, busting some of that mystery and stigma about the first rollercoaster week post-birth.

The gain point

By the time I got home that day I had recounted my shopping experience to mom-guru Aviva. I said ‘We should do this ourselves and do it right!’ Aviva is not the kind of person that you say that to without being dared to follow through. By the end of the day the Mom Friends spark was lit.


What started out as a pain point about women’s postpartum health being misunderstood (and literally hard to find), has turned into a full-fledged entrepreneurial endeavour with two of my closest gal pals. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead on our mission to bring postpartum care to all the mamas.

*Several details in this story have been embellished for dramatic effect - including just how sweaty I was at Shoppers. In the end my friend did get a postpartum care kit from me at her shower, she said it was super helpful and she is now an awesome mom to a beautiful little boy.

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