What’s inside the boxes?

We are pleased to say that what you see is what you get: Our Beyond the Bump and Above & Beyond the Bump Kits are as pictured and as described. 

How did you develop the kits? 

Over 200 candid and helpful moms told us what they found essential after having a baby. From there we took the most commonly cited items to include in our two types of kits. We realize not every mom will use every item and if that's the case for you we hope you will be a Mom Friend and share those items with your friends or consider donating them to your local Food Bank. 

When should I order the kit?

Because these items are to be used immediately post-birth, ideally the kit should be received by the mom/mom-to-be before she gives birth.

Shipping details

We ship anywhere in Canada.

Orders are shipped within two business days unless otherwise stated via Canada Post Expedited Parcel, arriving within seven days of shipment.

I'm shipping to a friend across the country, can I include a personal note?

Absolutely you can! Place your order and send us an email with your personal message. We have blank cards on hand to slip into the kits before we ship!

Pick-up option

Local pick-up is available free of cost in the Ottawa Core area! 

In order to activate this option select shipping option 'OTTAWA CORE pick-up' at check-out. We will email you the address and let you know when your order is ready.  

Returns policy  

Given the intimate nature of the products we simply cannot accept returns. 

Can you do customized kits?

The kits were carefully developed with the wisdom of over 200 moms. While we don't do customized kits we are always interested in your feedback and suggestions. If you have some thoughts, contact us.

I'm a doula/midwife/lactation consultant ordering several kits for my clients, can I get some love?

Whether you're a practitioner with a long list of clients or it just seems like everybody you know is pregnant, we are pleased to be your one-stop-shop for all of the women on your list! As a thank-you we offer free shipping on orders over 160CAD.

I offer products and services that help moms during pregnancy and postpartum too. How can I get my products/services into your kits?

Great question! If only it were possible to include a personal massage therapist, a dozen frozen meals and a housekeeping service in our kits! If you offer something that could help moms and their loved ones and you'd like more moms to see it, get in touch and tell us more! 

How do I use the items?

Check out our blog for videos, stories and tips on how to use the contents of the kit that are less familiar to you. In the meantime though, here's a primer! (Caution - it gets real)

Pads: Remember your period? It has been a while, right? Well... it's back full force. 

Nipple Cream: This stuff prevents and soothes cracked nipples from breastfeeding (if you don’t breastfeed share with a friend or it’s great for your hands, lips or even baby butt cream!).

Breast Pads (Reusable and Disposable): To avoid those wet marks on your shirt in public situations.

Fibre Snack: Double win! Combat hunger by eating well (which is hard to do at the beginning) while helping you stay regular and achieve the oh-so-special first postpartum bowel movement. (disclaimer: contains nuts)

Granny Panties: Own it! High-top, cover-all panties with all the comfort of larger underwear and not having to throw your own out from postpartum bleeding.

Witch Hazel: Another double win! Great for soothing and healing your stitches. *Please check out our blog on Preparing Witch Hazel Pads (Padsicles!)*

Adult Diapers: Sometimes the flow is heavy enough that diapers are the way to go. It's all good ladies! 

Epsom Salts: Relieves sore muscles and cleanses in a sitz bath or tub, whatever your style!

Chocolate: Self-explanatory. Yum!

Perineal Bottle: Let’s just say… bidet on the go.

Water Bottle: Drink water. Tons of it. This bottle folds down and will fit nicely into the diaper bag on your first outings. Heck, you can even clip it right onto the bag or stroller for easy access. 

Tucks Wipes: Soothing witch hazel wipes for the lady parts and for those of us who get hemorrhoids (#blessed).

Lip Balm: When you’re in labour your lips might dry out so this will be a treat. 

Soap: This tender bar is perfect for your sore and sensitive spots.

Lactation Tea: If breastfeeding is what you and your baby wants, this will be an aid to help with the milk supply.

Wow you seem to know a lot about these products, are you professionals?

Actually, not at all. The products in this kit and the information on our site are only a starting point for your postpartum care. Please don’t consider information in the kit or on our site to be medical advice, and please don’t delay consulting with a professional if you have any health concerns. If you are unsure about using any of the kit contents please consult a professional beforehand. 

Still have questions? Get in touch