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Dear DIY types: Here are the top postpartum care items identified by birth parents and moms across Canada. Choose your favourites and we'll build, package and ship your kit accordingly. parents and moms for your 'build-your-own postpartum care kit' glory.

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*We include a free postpartum mental health pamphlet with every purchase*

Oh Mama! Chocolate Bar


This 28g bar is made with quality cacao from Nicaragua by Hummingbird Chocolate who were recently crowned for having the best chocolate in the world. Helpful details: Each bar is...

Witch hazel


The most mysterious yet revered postpartum care item: Witch hazel is an astringent which cools and soothes. It has been used for centuries to relieve cuts, scrapes, itchy stitches, swelling,...

Tucks personal cleansing pads


Soothing witch hazel wipes for the lady parts and for those of us who get hemorrhoids (#blessed). From the makers of Anusol – yup. The details: 40 wipes per pack

Mother's Milk Lactation Tea x3


If breastfeeding is in the plans this tea is known to promote healthy milk supply. The details: Three sachets of organic caffeine-free Traditional Medicinals Mother's Milk tea  

Reusable nursing pads


Have you ever seen a new mom with wet spots on her shirt from leaky nipples? No? It’s because she is wearing breast pads to soak up extra milk. They’re...

Maternity pads


This one is pretty self-explanatory but… no two ways around it, there will be blood. We love being able to carry Natracare maternity pads which are high quality and organic...

Lip balm - Lavender Lemon


Hospitals can be dry and it’s hard to stay hydrated when you’re trying to push our a baby (or several). The lip balm from Ottawa-based mom-owned Zoe’s Corner is a...

Lanolin nipple cream


This stuff provides relief for sore nipples during breastfeeding or chest-feeding. Helpful details: We don't sell samples, this is a full 40G tube. This cream is also great for your...

High fibre Kind bar


The first bowel movement after delivery is both scary and a huge relief. Help your mom friend combat hunger and have a glorious first bowel movement with this fibre-packed snack....

Water bottle


Birth is often a marathon rather than a sprint. And if the milk is coming in strong she’s drinking water for two now. This bottle folds down and will fit...

Natural soap bar


Handmade and natural soap is a special treat as mom grabs a relaxing moment for herself in the shower. Helpful details: We have two options of soap bars. The tender bar is perfect...

Perineal bottle


Let’s just say… bidet on the go. Perineal bottles help mom feel fresh when things are tender down there and toilet paper just isn’t a friend. Helpful details: Each bottle...

Mom at rest door hanger


Knock knock! Whether you're at the hospital or at home you will get a lot of use out of this passive aggressive 'leave me alone' door hanger. It works wonders...

Epsom salts


Relieves her sore muscles and cleanses in a sitz bath or tub, whatever her style! Bonus points if you’re the one holding the baby for her to take a moment...

Diapers (for mom)


Often the postpartum flow is heavy enough that diapers are the way to go. It's simply more comfortable and less messy to be in diapers sometimes. Our packs contain 5...

Personalized card


Include a thoughtful handwritten card with your postpartum care kit.  Helpful details: Card paper sourced from sustainable forests. Email your personalized note to after checkout.

Granny panties


These are high-top, cover-all panties that sit above c-section stitches and are perfectly soft and comfortable for postpartum lounging. Helpful details: Three combed cotton panties per pack, offered in sizes...