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Online shopping + Baby Registry: The options, the reasons and a handy how-to

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In our last blog we talked all about baby registries. We did a quick poll and learned that only 25% of our friends who had babies had done their registries online. We thought we should talk a bit more about online registries - why you might want to consider one, and what your options are.

Why register online?

What is better than lying in your PJs, watching Friends and cruising around your favourite baby gear sites? If you’re doing a registry to prepare for baby, there are several online options that are super convenient and enable you to choose multiple baby stores and products, from the big names to the crafty and local vendors. The best part is that you don’t even have to leave your bed!  

What are the options?

If simple is what you’re looking for, the dependable Google Doc Sheet has worked super well for lots of people I know including Co-Friend Lisa! What’s neat about Google Sheets is that you don’t need to specify what kind of crib sheet you want. (See what I did there?) And if hand-me-downs are your jam, this option allows your friends to buy new, regift or give you what they don’t need anymore. Win win! The used baby community is so huge right now - warning it is a bit addictive!

For those who have specific brands and online shops in mind, I would go with either Babylist or Amazon Baby Registry. With both registries you can link to any website. Even non-baby related.  My baby wants a new TV right? Sure.  

Babylist was recommended to me by a good friend so I stuck with that site and loved it!! As mentioned in our last blog on Sprinkle Gift Ideas, you can even register for babysitting!  Two friends still owe me…. And I had another kid since I last used it!

How to do Babylist?

Babylist is simple to use and they have a handy dandy video on how to add the Babylist button to your browser.

Watch Chrome tutorial: 


Whether it’s Sophie the Giraffe, cute onesies from Etsy or even our postpartum care kits (hint hint), the options are endless!  I know, I know, why do you need even more options?! Well it’s about getting what you (and Baby Spice) really want. What you really really want. 

There you have it.  All the nitty gritty on the possibly dreaded but needed registry. It doesn’t have to be super scary, it is actually quite fun and remember your baby won’t say but mooooooommm you didn’t register for the baby Exercauser 3000 that I really need.  You asking people for things is the easy part. Just wait until your kid asks you for every kind of fruit by the foot at the grocery store.  

What goes around comes around. Happy shopping!

Postpartum care kits

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