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7 Sprinkle gift ideas for the sprinkle star in your life

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From our last two riveting posts about sprinkles you learned what a sprinkle is and how to plan one like the sprinkle star that you are. Remember, sprinkles are all about practicality. With that in mind here are just 7 sprinkle gift ideas that every expecting re-mom will love. 

  1. Postpartum Care Kit - I think you knew where I was going with this; but all bias aside, I brought my Above & Beyond the Bump kit to the hospital for number 2 and it was incredibly handy. Preparing for postpartum care is important with each baby. 
  2. Food, food and more food - People brought me meals when I was expecting my first, and it was even more appreciated this time. Meal time is hectic at our place - not only do we have to feed ourselves while juggling our newborn but now we have a toddler to feed as well. She can get very hangry like her mom.
  3. Cleaning Service - Who wants to clean? Who has time to clean? I barely have time to clean myself!! So when my parents told us that they were going to pay for a bi-weekly cleaning service for the first year I almost cried I was so happy. ‘So by first year you mean forever right??… ok cool thanks mom and dad!’
  4. Babysitting aka entertaining the toddler(s) - Sometimes the best things in life are free! And that thing is sleep. So when your friends and family offer to take your toddler(s)  to the park, a museum, their house, or an empty parking lot to run around, you say YES!!  
  5. Postpartum doula - I’m sure you are all familiar with birth doulas, however postpartum  doulas provide extra service to support you and your family postpartum, which is so fantastic!! They can help around the house and do night shifts with the baby - so helpful!  This is an especially nice gift for parents with family out of town. To learn more check this out! 
  6. Something special for the older child/children - Sometimes older children struggle with the big change of becoming a big brother or sister, or welcoming another addition. A book to get them excited about their role or a special craft/activity to keep them occupied would be appreciated by child and parent alike. 
  7. Photography - Pregnancy and family photos were probably an important part of the experience the first time around, but can often take a back-burner in a busy and growing family. Get together with a few friends and splurge on a family photo session so that those moments are captured for the family to remember fondly! 

So there you have it and you may be wondering, how do I register for babysitting?? Well believe it or not but it is totally possible on Babylist. The power of the internet! 

So when it’s summer and it’s hot out, why can’t I have a sprinkle?!  

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You can. Happy sprinkling!

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