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Look who's one! Three reasons we're cake smashing our way through this day

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Time Flies!

Three hundred and sixty-five days ago we held our breaths, closed our eyes and hit publish on our postpartum care kit eCommerce site with one mission in mind: Supporting women and their families through post-bump rest and recovery.

To say we are just as excited and overwhelmed today is an understatement - and it’s all thanks to you our dear customers, family and friends who believe in our mission as much as we do.

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Here are three quick highlights about this past year:

Community is the best, you guys.

Our kits reach across Canada, but the Mom Friends team calls Ottawa home. We have always loved this city, but launching our business has opened our eyes to so much good that people are doing every single day. We are inspired and uplifted by hard-working entrepreneurs, community groups, moms and dads, and birth practitioners we now get to count as friends. Thank you for sharing your dreams with us. Without these amazing partners, amazing customers and amazing community all of this hard work wouldn’t be half as fun!

One important need leads to another

In the past year the statistic ‘one in four pregnancies ends in loss’ has hit very close to home. When we launched we had some sense that that pregnancy and infant loss was an incredibly painful and present reality for many families, but we couldn't foresee just how much loss our close friends and family could suffer in just the span of a few months. It has been really, really rough. We knew that we had to get more involved in this issue for our own healing and to try to help other families feel more supported as well.

Thanks to serendipity and the tireless commitment of Rachel Samulack of The Butterfly Run Ottawa/Gatineau, an introductory email turned into a coffee date, which turned into a grant application which has helped us to make the local Butterfly Box initiative a reality. The Ottawa/Gatineau Butterfly Box is a small gesture to help bereaved parents feel the support of community as they grieve their loss. We are so honoured to be a part of this initiative and to have the opportunity to put some of our own grief energy to good. We’re very proud that over 60 boxes have been distributed to bereaved families to-date. Learn more about them here.

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(Mom) Friends First

This biz grew out of friendship: The friendship that the three of us have and the ones we know our customers have with their soon-to-be and re-mom friends.  

Photo Credit: Grey Loft Studio

As we dig into our 30s, life feels more complicated than ever and we have realized it’s time to really hold onto those friendships that go the distance (hold on for dear life some days). You know, the friends that are as authentic and unconditional AF. The kind of friends that say “Hey, I care enough that I would gift you adult diapers and mental health information so that you feel cared for after you deliver - and yes you can talk to me about every beautiful and scary detail!” Read all about our own diaper adventures in our very first blog!


Aviva, Lisa & Liz





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