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How to Make a Mom Friend in 10 Days

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What’s a mom friend?

The term “mom friend” can have so many meanings which was the appeal when choosing a name for our biz.  It could be something moms love and need aka food, sleep, postpartum care, etc…, or it could be a friend of the mom-to-be who wants to support by offering all the things previously mentioned.

In this case we are talking about the moms you need as your sounding board and company during your leave from work. The ones you can text at 2 am to ask “hey, has your baby been crying for an hour as well?” or “hey it’s 1 pm, my baby is napping wanna come over to whine over some wine?” or "uhhhh poosplosion again! 💩😭".  Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

Why do you need mom friends?

Being a stay at home mom is a tough job. Forget the 9-5, you have a new 24/7 gig and a demanding boss. “Lunch breaks” turn into “take a break whenever the baby naps or seems happy for the moment”.  Mom friends become the new work friends where you can gab all day about your new boss without judgement.  Nothing is off the table! 

If your friends all decided to have babies at around the same time that’s great! You’re lucky to have your friends as mom friends.  However life doesn’t always work like that and it’s kind of odd to be texting your friends “Hey girl! you ovulating? Cool. Me too!”

How to make a mom friend?

My first mat leave I was lucky. I got pregnant and so did a whole bunch of my friends.  Then at my daughter’s first birthday party I found out I was pregnant again. Were these friends gonna join me again? No. They didn’t. So if anyone finds themselves in a similar situation here are some suggestions:

  1. Ask your other friends: Yes set me up on blind mom dates! Mom dating is real. Just like real dating it can be hard. First you have to ask yourself:  Is she cool? Are we compatible besides the fact that we both have babies? Then once you realize that you do want to be mom friends with this person, how do you get their number?  But it’s ok you can do it. Just remember baby steps.
  2. Join community groups: Whether online or in person there are so many ways for moms to be joined together! If you are into online mom dating, Baby Center has groups sectioned by due dates.  In person you can go on stroller walking groups, community centre drop ins, baby song groups and Mommy Connections which has locations across Canada. Some of them even include coffee and treats. Score!
  3. Download a mom friends app: Tinder for moms? Compatibility at its best! Although I haven’t used this app called Social.mom, I think this is genius.

Whether this process takes you 10 days or 10 weeks, once you have a baby you don’t need to be all alone.  Your mom friends are there for you for your emotional well being.  So be social and have some fun!

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