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From Finland to Canada: Baby Box is Here!

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You may remember from Sleep, Baby, Sleep: Tips Straight from the Sleep Pros that certified sleep consultant Kim Davis of Babes & Beyond has some great tips for getting your littles to sleep soundly. Kim is kind of a rockstar (fangirling hard!) and also happens to be one of the Ottawa distributors of the Baby Box (check out this upcoming event: Baby Box Extravaganza). We asked her to tell us more about Baby Box:

What is Baby Box?

This tradition of the Baby Box started over 75 years ago in Finland. Finland was suffering with a high infant mortality rate at the time and researchers found that SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) was a major cause. New and expecting parents were therefore given a Baby Box by the state that served as a starter kit for their new baby and a safe place for their baby to sleep. The Baby Box itself was lined with a mattress and could be used as the child's first bed. So it seems like Finland got it right. Way to go Finland!

How did Baby Box arrive to Canada?

The Baby Box Company has brought the Finnish tradition to North America, FREE for all new and expecting parents. In Canada the box is available in every province (hopefully the territories soon!).

The Baby Boxes come with free products for baby care and development, but the primary purpose of the program is to provide a safe sleep space for all infants regardless of socioeconomic status and to engage as many parents as possible in a supportive community.

I’m interested! Where can I pick one up?

  1. Register on Baby Box University at www.babyboxuniversity.com.  (Note: The Baby Box Co. is NOT affiliated with Baby Box Canada and do not ship samples directly to your home. The Baby Box Co. provides safe-sleep Baby Boxes that comply with Health Canada bassinet regulations.)
  2. Complete the online syllabus and print your completion certificate.
  3. Contact a local distributor in your area to arrange for pick up.  

Until what age can a baby sleep in them?

Babies can use them for sleep until they are around 5 months of age, depending on the size of the baby.  

What is Baby Box University?

Baby Box University is an educational service provided by The Baby Box Co. in coordination with committed medical professionals, maternal health advocates, and child development specialists for the purposes of reducing infant mortality and empowering parents. Baby Box University is committed to recreating this universal access to vital education materials and healthcare consultation. You can meet Baby Box University faculty, ask questions, talk with other parents and access their resources all from the comfort of home (for FREE!)

Big thanks to Kim! If you’re expecting and lucky enough to live in an eligible province you will definitely want to get a box! They make a convenient and safe space for your baby to sleep and when your baby has outgrown it you can store precious items (like your child's keepsakes, or your wine stash). Win. Win.  

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