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Happy Canada Day, Baby!

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As Canada approaches its sesquicentennial we are so proud of launching our Canadian business (our baby) in 2017, helping other Canadian moms in their postpartum recovery while including local suppliers in our kits!

So if Canada is 150 and there are x numbers of babies born everyday in Canada then how many babies have been born in Canada?  Now that’s math we just cannot do, however, we can say that the first baby born in 2017 was Allen from Mississauga at exactly midnight.  This baby obviously wanted to be famous. Canadian famous. Watch out, Peter Mansbridge!

You may be wondering about other fun Canadian baby facts. Well, we love a good fun fact.

The Top 5 Canadian Names

First things first: the baby name. Names are hard and you want to find one that won’t give your child a complex later in life...unless your child really likes Apples. So what are the most popular names in 2017? Well here’s the list from 2016 and I’m sure we will see lots of similarities!













[credit: Today’s Parent]

Canadian Lullabies

Back in the day if you were to ask any Canadian what the most popular lullaby is they would say rockabye baby.  It is a catchy one but have you listened to the lyrics?

Today in 2017, you can listen to CBC’s lullaby stream or to lullaby versions of your favourite songs.  Who wouldn’t want to quietly hum along to Ironic by Alanis with xylophones? Just like Alanis, babies are full of angst! In fact, according to The Globe and Mail, Canadian babies cry more than babies from other countries. Isn't it ironic? (It's not.)

Thus us Canadians are in need of some homegrown lullabies, especially for those Canadian moms who want to make sure their babies get started on their CanCon appreciation early:

Wynken Blynken and Nod - Buffy Saint Marie

The Harmelodian Anthem - The Rheostatics

Fais Do Do - Raffi

Owl Lullaby - Sharon, Lois & Bram

BONUS Baby Tracks:

A New Day Has Come - Céline Dion

God Only Knows - Michael Bublé

Bobcaygeon - The Tragically Hip (OK not about babies but did you really think that we would get through this post without some Hip?!)

A Case of You - Joni Mitchell (Also not about babies but...Oh Canada and it's Joni!)

Where Most Babies are Born in Canada (per capita)

It may not come as a surprise to anyone who has tried their best to come up with creative ways to stay warm on long, cold, Canadian winter nights, but the province or territory with the highest fertility rate is none other than Nunavut! As of 2013 (the most recent year for which StatsCan has stats available), the average Nunavummiut woman gave birth to 3.04 babies. That’s compared to 1.43 in Newfoundland Labrador, the province or territory with the lowest fertility rates.  I guess we know how they’ll be celebrating up North this Canada Day!

How many babies have been born in 2017? Well according to Stats Can, numbers have been steadily increasing from 378k in 2011 to 392k in 2016.  Can we break the 400k number this year?! Let’s do it Canada! 

Enjoy your Canada Day celebrations wherever you are. Happy 150th Canada! You don't look a day over 140.


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