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Postpartum Care Kit Tips


Check out our blog for videos, stories and tips on how to use the contents of the kit that are less familiar to you. In the meantime though, here's a primer! (Caution - it gets real)

Pads: Remember your period? It has been a while, right? Well... it's back full force. 

Nipple Cream: This stuff prevents and soothes cracked nipples from breastfeeding (if you don’t breastfeed share with a friend or it’s great for your hands, lips or even baby butt cream!).

Breast Pads (Reusable and Disposable): To avoid those wet marks on your shirt in public situations.

Fibre Snack: Double win! Combat hunger by eating well (which is hard to do at the beginning) while helping you stay regular and achieve the oh-so-special first postpartum bowel movement. (disclaimer: contains nuts)

Granny Panties: Own it! High-top, cover-all panties with all the comfort of larger underwear and not having to throw your own out from postpartum bleeding.

Witch Hazel: Another double win! Great for soothing and healing your stitches. *Please check out our blog on Preparing Witch Hazel Pads (Padsicles!)*

Adult Diapers: Sometimes the flow is heavy enough that diapers are the way to go. It's all good ladies! 

Epsom Salts: Relieves sore muscles and cleanses in a sitz bath or tub, whatever your style!

Chocolate: Self-explanatory. Yum!

Perineal Bottle: Let’s just say… bidet on the go.

Water Bottle: Drink water. Tons of it. This bottle folds down and will fit nicely into the diaper bag on your first outings. Heck, you can even clip it right onto the bag or stroller for easy access. 

Tucks Wipes: Soothing witch hazel wipes for the lady parts and for those of us who get hemorrhoids (#blessed).

Lip Balm: When you’re in labour your lips might dry out so this will be a treat. 

Soap: This tender bar is perfect for your sore and sensitive spots.

Lactation Tea: If breastfeeding is what you and your baby wants, this will be an aid to help with the milk supply.

Mental Health Pamphlet: 10-15% of women experience some form of postaprtum mental health challenge. Know the signs and reach out for help! Chances are the person who gave you this kit containing adult diapers is also someone you can talk to about how you're doing. 

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