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Postpartum depression and more: Why we include the blue paper in every kit

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Humour is a central part of what defines the Mom Friends team. Maybe you and yours are the same way. Joking to have a good time, and joking to get through tough times. And sometimes things can get pretty tough.

At the heart of it Mom Friends is about supporting new moms and their loves during the postpartum time. Sometimes during postpartum your body needs care, and sometimes your mind does.

We did some research on postpartum depression and other mood disorders

It is estimated that 85% of women experience what is commonly referred to as ‘baby blues,’ while postpartum depression impacts 10-15% of women, and the even more rare postpartum psychosis affects an estimated 0.1% to 0.2% (MDAO). It is also increasingly recognized that birth partners are not immune to postpartum mental health challenges. Here is one new dad’s take on the struggle.

Starting the conversation about postpartum depression

We reckon’ that if an intimate friend-to-friend or family-to-family postpartum care kit could dare to include adult diapers, so too could it help to destigmatize and open up a line of communication around postpartum mental health.

The person who gave you adult diapers in your postpartum care kit with a knowing wink is someone you can talk to about any postpartum mental health challenge that you may experience. Feeling the blues postpartum is as common as slipping on an adult diaper, sporting cabbage leaf pasties, or pressing a witch hazel padsicle into your C-Section stitches. Soooo...

Read the pamphlet in your kit. Reach out if you’re feeling blue. Make a call for support.

I got you friends embracing

Taking the next step to support a friend through postpartum depression

If you or a friend are looking for more resources that go beyond the blue ‘conversation starter’ pamphlet, here is a great article about building your team of supports and accessing care.

With love, Mom Friends

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