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What is Mother's Day to you?

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Mother’s Day will look and feel different depending on where you, your family, or your friends are at in life. Everyone’s experience on Mother’s Day is unique and so too are their perspectives...some are joyous rowdy occasions, some involve intimate quality time and some are bittersweet.  

To capture the unique perspectives, we asked some mom friends to share their thoughts on Mother’s Day. Here’s what they had to say:
unbelievable love

As a mom-to-be expecting my first baby within a month of Mother’s Day the expectation is giddiness, joy and excitement. The reality is morning sickness, pregnancy diabetes and high blood pressure! Even with all that I am filled with equal amounts of wonder & fear for the life growing inside me and overwhelmed with the unbelievable love and affection I already feel for this child and all the Mother’s Days I will now get to celebrate with this little one! - Keisha

unpredictable chaos

I envisioned for some time what becoming a mom would look like and feel like. I could not have been more surprised with what it actually has felt and looked like. Becoming a mom has been beautiful, unpredictable chaos. There is no other way to explain it. At the same time, I knew I would love her deeply. Yet I love her even more than that. It's like a whole new dimension of love I never knew existed. - Sheena


I find Mother's Day bittersweet. After experiencing both pregnancy and infant loss, the road to motherhood has not been easy. However, I cherish the handful of dandelions and drawing from my little love this year and will squeeze him tight. I am so thankful that I get to be his mom. - Rachel

Not the mama

I'm my son's Mummy, my wife is his Mama. Double the mothers, double the Mother's Day?  Not exactly. I imagine it’s like twins sharing a birthday. You want a special day to yourself? Too bad - you share the day. And not necessarily equally. How could I compete for praise against my son's birth mother for our first Mothers’ Day? She's a great mom. She endured 41+ weeks of pregnancy and then there was that labour... She was obviously deserving of more appreciation than me on our first Mothers’ Day.  But we'll get to share it more equally this year, right? Right? - Heather

No discipline required

Well, Mother’s Day is nice & it is lovely to be remembered, but being a mother is wonderful thing and it is every day. You become one as soon as you have a baby and it does not end. Your children’s requirements change as they age but they never stop needing you. It is wonderful to see your children reflected in your grandchildren. And these are the children that a grandmother simply loves & spoils - no discipline required! - Catherine

I’ll be there for you

Even though I’m not a mom, when my friends started having babies I quickly learned that it’s easy to be a ‘mom friend’ - all it means really is supporting your friends....and playing with babies! - Sarah

Whether you’re high tea-ing, low riding, or tip-toeing through the tulips, Happy Mother’s Day!

Liz, Aviva and Lisa

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