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Mom Friends and the City

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This past weekend we participated in two local initiatives dear to our hearts. We have always been into community-building but little did we realize that launching our own business would bring us closer to community and inspire us in ways we didn't even know possible.  

Thanks to your support last weekend our social media channels were aflutter as we participated in an online Facebook auction and led a collective Postpartum Check-In. Had we done either of these things before? Heck no! So we thought, let's do both... at the same time! In case you missed the action here is a recap on what that was all about and how you can stay involved. Suffice to say the community groups that are leading these initiatives are inducing major fan-girling from our Mom Friends team: 

1) Synapcity 100In1Day Festival 

Synapcity connects people across the city to make a positive change. They do so by tapping into collective brain power to uncover and share great ideas for positive, lasting change to help individuals and organizations make Ottawa happier, healthier, smarter and safer. Pretty great stuff!

 At it's core, Synapcity is about real people taking small actions for big change.  

It's with this spirit that we were inspired to participate in the 100In1Day festival, with our first 100% virtual event: The Great Postpartum Check-In on Saturday June 3rd. 

Postpartum check-in

It is estimated that postpartum mental health challenges affect 10-15% of Canadian women who have given birth. The Great Postpartum Check-In was an opportunity for us to help bust stigma around mental health and kickstart conversation/reinforce grassroots community care for new parents across the city. 

Over 35 mom friends and family took up the challenge to check-in with their loved ones and start the conversation around postpartum health and mental supports. Spread the love even further: Read postpartum check-in tips and conduct your own rogue check-in with those you love any time!

2) Aaron's Butterfly Run Online Facebook Silent Auction 

The Silent Auction in support of Aaron's Butterfly Run happened on Facebook during June 2-3. Mom Friends was honoured to have a kit included in the offerings, and we couldn't resist bidding on the other great items throughout the weekend (ok so we may have even tried to bid early). 

The auction and other forthcoming events are raising funds and awareness for pregnancy and infant loss support in Ottawa/Gatineau. The effort will culminate on October 14th, 2017 in a first-of-it's-kind event for families to walk or run in support of bereaved families.

Being a bereaved parent is a path that no one should walk alone. 

Butterfly run ottawa

Learn more and register

We are thrilled that our Mom Friends kit sold at the auction, and that we picked up a few goodies of our own (who can resist a good auction for a good cause?!)

You rock 

It takes awesome people to lead the events that we took part in this past weekend. It also takes awesome people to rally around those ideas and initiatives and support them. Whether you bid on an auction item or checked-in with a friend who recently had a baby - or you're feeling inspired to support the above organizations in the future, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  

YOU make Ottawa a great place to live and run a biz.

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