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It's official: We're looking to partner up

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When we started Mom Friends a few years ago it was our plan to one day pass the torch along to another entrepreneur (or a few other entrepreneurs) who would be passionate to continue spreading postpartum care across Canada. 

As our business has grown this year we have decided it's time to begin openly exploring who we can team up with in our final year, to strategically pass the torch as it burns most brightly. 

In short: We're busy and expanding, and we're looking for some one or some few to partner with us now with a view to take over the business in 2021.

First thing's first, who are we?

We are Aviva, Lisa and Liz in Ottawa. We first hit launch on Mom Friends in 2017. While Aviva and Lisa are active in the business, Liz is a silent partner. Learn more about us here.

Who are we looking for in a partner (or in partners)?

That's not a question we can answer 100%. We believe the best teams are built around diverse strengths and interests. It's what has worked so well for us since we began. That said, here are some attributes that have thrived in our team dynamic, that we would hope to find in a new partner or new partners for the next year:

  • Interested and motivated to be an entrepreneur, investing time to earn a side income
  • Located in Eastern Ontario or Western Quebec
  • Believes that this work can and should be fun as well as have a positive impact on people's lives and the wider community
  • Can vision and execute new projects and take mild risks/try new things
  • Does not shy away from busy work 
  • Brings integrity, honesty and ongoing communication to relationships with partners and customers
  • Is embracing of feminist and inclusive birthing and postpartum narratives
  • Excels in one or more of the following: website/SEO, ecommerce, content development, business strategy, bookkeeping, partnership development, product development, social media, postpartum physical and mental health

What can we offer in return?

We are eager to explore partnership now so that if someone or some few take over Mom Friends in a year's time they are set up as best as possible to succeed.

Here is what an incoming partner can expect from us:

  • Organized and up to date business admin systems (bookkeeping, inventory, accounts, finances)
  • Openness to new ideas, as well as history on what has been working well, where opportunity lies (as we see it), and what we have learned. 
  • Fun! Really. 
  • A warm and fuzzy feeling of helping families and friends across Canada to be more connected and prepared for postpartum physical and mental rest and recovery. 
  • A financial negotiation that is respectful, transparent and fair for all parties.

So, we're putting this out there! It's scary and exciting and we are ready for the conversations and learning that will come with this next leg of our journey. 

What's next?

Maybe it's time for a conversation. Contact us if you felt a spark as you read this, or please consider sharing this with someone who may feel a spark. 


All our best,

The team

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