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4 Resolutions for Mom Friending in 2018

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Welcome, welcome 2018!

One of our favourite things about Mom Friends is that the nature of what we do is about women supporting women through the highs and lows of this crazy and unpredictable thing called life. As we learned this year, having a baby is just the beginning.

We’re trying to figure all of this out like everyone else, but we thought we’d share four resolutions based on what we have learned this year and what we hope to start, stop, continue or change in 2018.

#1 Be there  

Judging by all the F-U 2017 hashtags and poo-emoji themed messages flooding our phones this week it seems that last year was kinda rough (right?!). Unfortunately crappy personal circumstances flew at us in 2017 and we have been supporting one another in ways that go well beyond a regular ol’ business partnership. If friendship in our 20s was measured by number of drinks and scale of dance floor shenanigans, it is now measured in texts, meals, hugs and pints of tears from ugly crying together. We are begging for less crap in 2018 but we know our ‘being there’ skills have come a long way thanks to so much practice.   

#2 Speak up

Given the nature of our business and our side project (Butterfly Box Ottawa-Gatineau), this year we learned so much about stigma around women’s physical and mental health and pregnancy and infant loss. We’re totally still beginners but we’ll continue to challenge ourselves to learn more and to speak up with our peeps if and when we are concerned for them this year.

#3 Have a laugh

On the lighter side, there is nothing richer than sharing a humorous, relatable mom meme at 2:30AM with a gal pal. Even in the tough times and busy times and stressful times let’s find more moments to share a laugh through 2018.

#4 More high fives

In 2017 some big, awesome things took shape for people in our lives: new babies, new jobs, weddings, new businesses… There were also thousands of beautiful small wins like sleeping through the night (that one time), discovering the world’s best cappuccino, and those rare but oh so sweet random hangs with friends - you know, the unplanned ones that just sorta happen? Gawd we love that stuff SO much. High five y’all, keep it coming. The wins big and small and the celebration of it all.   

We’d like to cap off this post with gratitude. Thank you for your support this past year as we dreamed, conspired and launched Mom Friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking this journey with us!

Wishing all you moms, mom friends and mom allies a healthy 2018.

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