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The Queen Luxury Postpartum Care Kit

The Queen Luxury Postpartum Care Kit

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Shower your loved one with care! Our most luxurious kit, The Queen takes postpartum care to the next level. In addition to all the basics — pads, witch hazel and nipple butter, to name a few — this unrivalled kits contains heavenly bath herbs, soothing leg and back cream and a special balm to speed healing in the perineal area. Award-winning Hummingbird chocolate to lift the spirits, scented recovery bath salts and raw nuts with wild berries. If you can't be there to help in the postpartum period, this luxury postpartum care box is the next best thing! 

Substance Mom Leg and Back Cream

Anointment Postpartum Bath Herbs

Anointment Push Bottom Balm

10 Organic Natracare Maternity Pads

250ml Earthwise Witch Hazel*

70 Organyc Cotton Rounds (for Witch Hazel application, not shown)

Anointment Recovery Mineral Bath Salts*

Anointment Nipple Butter*

28g bar of award-winning Hummingbird Chocolate*

Zoe's Corner Lip Balm*

1 Pair Handmade Reusable Nursing Pads*

2 Pairs of Reusable Cotton Granny Panties

5 Adult Diapers

1 40g bag of Handfuel nuts and berries

3 Sachets of Mother's Milk lactation tea

Perineal bottle for cleansing

Mom at Rest door hanger


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