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Hispaniola Chocolate Bar

Hispaniola Chocolate Bar

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A bar from the award-winning Canadian chocolatiers at Hummingbird makes a magnificent postpartum treat. It's made with organic cocoa beans grown by farmers in the lush central highlands of the Dominican Republic who are obsessed with quality and committed to sustainable farming. The Hispaniola's tasting notes feature a 'fruit forward taste explosion' with hints of raising and cherry. This bar is 28g and may contain nuts and dairy.

About Hummingbird Chocolate

Erica and Drew Gilmour started Hummingbird Chocolate as a hobby and are now crazily obsessed with making the best chocolate they possibly can. They source their beans ethically from the best producers in the world and make each bar in Almonte, Ontario. In 2016, they were named the best chocolatiers in the world. 

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