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Six brilliant ways to repurpose your perineal bottle

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When you're in the thick of postpartum it can seem impossible to imagine being without your pal the perineal bottle

But when that day comes, here are six brilliant ways to repurpose your perineal bottle:  

1. Rinsing baby's hair 

Whether in the bathtub or sink, the flow from the peri bottle is controllable, gentle and the perfect amount to get out the soap.

2. Drawing/spelling on snow

Fill the bottle with water and a few drops of food colouring and you have a fun winter art project on your hands!

3. Watering sprouting seeds

Seeds need very regular, very light watering when they're showing their first delicate sprouts. Peri flow is a perfect option!

4. Portable kid bidet

No child learns how to wipe 100% the first thousand times. Sometimes a little water can help. 

5. Bath toy

Enough said.

6. Cleaning belly buttons 

For adults and babies alike. Keep it fresh!

What uses have you discovered for your second career perineal bottle? Do share!












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