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My other midwife is a dolphin: You-do-you birth planning

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If I had infinite resources and no fear of birthing, my second midwife would be a Hawaiian dolphin, no question. As long as the dolphin was into it and had a diploma hanging in their office. Ok, that’s just me.

A couple of years ago The Sirius Institute made some waves (see what we did there) with this promotional video about dolphin-attended birth (head’s up - it shows scenes of birthing).

When we saw this vid we just had to share. At first it was for the sake of pointing at something that seemed really ‘out there’ in the world of birthing. But then it became more than that.

What are you taaaalking about?

Ok, bear with us. We launched Mom Friends to support women in preparing for postpartum rest and recovery. However, we are blown away almost daily to learn just how special that role is. We hear a lot about birth-planning and birth stories - Maybe the fact that we pack adult diapers into our kits makes us confidants of sorts. It turns out people really like to share! And why not? If you climb Kilimanjaro you tell people about every little life-changing step, right?! The truth is, we are fascinated and love hearing these stories. Every time.

Having our listening caps on as well as personal experience has taught us that there are all types of birth plans - some that don’t look like a plan at all, and others that are articulate and detailed to a T. Some birth plans involve MDs, OBGs and helpful Ds. Some come with epidurals, surgeries, massage, bathtubs, a crowd of ten or just one. And then there is laughing gas which I have heard is just lovely.

You-do-you birth planning 

The thing is ALL of these plans are great! And some of them even work out. What we get now more than ever is that it’s more important to honour birth plans and philosophies for exactly what they are - incredibly personal and deeply meaningful.

Because if you could give birth in the ocean with a dolphin kissing your toes and cooing to your baby why wouldn’t you?!

You go girls. You and your badass birth plans (the A, B, C, and D versions)


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